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A thirty year old manga dickgirl in the uniform of a nurse stood gingerly in the conference room of the Metropolitan Mutant Hospital. The white cap with a red cross sat tightly on her pinned up hair. The short white dress was stretched tightly about her luscious body. She had always struggled to fit into the uniform as her FF breasts stretched out the front of the uniform almost as much as her also bountiful ass did. She stretched her arms up and sighed at the pressure that the dress placed on her chest. The last place she had worked, every single one of the male patients had stared continually at her chest. The male doctors had attempted to seduce her and pull her aside into a supplies closet. She couldn’t stand the attention nor could she resist their advances. She was one of the ten percent of the world’s population whose DNA had been altered by the genetic plague that had swept across the planet. The plague had swelled her already large bosom and ass as well as enhanced her sexual desire. Every day, she masturbated to climax at least five times…but she still couldn’t resist anybody’s advances. But that wasn’t nearly as intrusive as the other changes–

The door to the conference room behind the woman swung open, breaking her train of thought. She quickly dropped her arms to her sides and turned towards the entrance. A futa girl in a black business suit stepped in and closed the door behind her before sitting down at the conference table and opening the nurse’s file. She gestured curtly for the nurse to sit down. The nurse demurely sat down and looked at the middle-aged woman in the business suit. She was about fifty years old, but still looked in great shape. The business suit fit her shoulders and waist well, but her large breasts prevented the woman from buttoning her suit. The nurse estimated that the breasts were probably HHH cups. She felt sorry for the woman, knowing that her back probably hurt like hell. The woman had dark curly hair that hung down to her shoulders and framed her slightly masculine face. After perusing her file for a few moments, the woman looked up at the nurse. She said tersely, “I am Ms. Bollinger, also known as The Bitch. I run this hospital.” She glanced back down at the file: “You are Alice Andorra, also known as The White Queen. You are a mutant whose libido and physical genitalia were affected by the plague. You were fired from St. Mary’s hospital three years ago for “lascivious behavior.” You then worked for two years in a small rest home in Learden, Ohio before applying here for a nurse’s position. Why do you want to work here?” The Bitch raised her head as she spoke the last question and stared patiently at the nurse.

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raised her head and slowly began her prepared speech: “Since I was infected, I have been unable to fit in with the normal society. Men…and women have continually pursued me because of my…um…stature. I couldn’t resist and I resented their exploitation of my body. I wanted to come to Metropolis because this is where most of the mutants have gathered. Here I would no longer be a freak, I would be just like everyone else. I could finally be seen as a healer and not as a sex toy.” The Bitch nodded as Alice stopped speaking. She spoke, “Well, your reasons seem legitimate…and your references and qualifications are perfectly acceptable…I imagine that the nuns were none too accepting of your latent desires at St. Mary’s, but here at Metropolitan, we embrace sex as a very healthy activity that often leads to faster recuperation and with so many mutant superheroes and supervillains, we can’t turn over beds quickly enough. There just remains one last hurdle between you and this job, Ms. Andorra.” She glanced back up at the nurse who raised an eyebrow and asked, “What hurdle?”
The Bitch stood up and slowly took off her jacket, revealing a turtleneck sweater that barely concealed her gigantic breasts, while explaining to the nurse: “As I previously mentioned, we here at Metropolitan believe in sexual healing, so all nurses must of course demonstrate their proclivity and ability at this task.” Now she slipped off her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her very wet pussy dripped long strings of fluid to the floor. She smiled at the overwhelmed nurse and said gently, “I too was modified by the plague.” She lifted up her sweater and revealed her industrial-size bra which managed to barely hold her breasts in check. She pulled off the bra and threw it to the nurse.

Shemale Manga looked at the giant bra. A tag proudly stated that she was right, the breasts were HHH cups. Alice felt her libido rising, the veil of lust dropping over the world, and her dress began to tent. The Bitch walked over and grabbed at her crotch, purring: “Oh…what’s this? A dick? Your file didn’t mention that you were a hermaphrodite.” She ripped the dress off of the nurse with her superstrong mutated muscles and revealed the nurse’s jiggling breasts, erect nipples, and giant erect dick. The Bitch mentally measured the dick. It was about fourteen inches long and seven inches around. It strained and twitched with each heartbeat that forced more blood into the engorged member. It was slightly flaccid and hung at about ninety degrees from the slightly chubby stomach of the nurse. She cooed and knelt at the feet of the nurse before stretching her mouth wide and swallowing the head of the nurse’s dick. Her mouth barely stretched around the blonde nurse’s dick head and she could taste the leftover sperm on the dick from the nurse’s earlier masturbation. She grabbed one of the nurse’s hands and placed it on her head, hoping she would take control.

Alice managed to recover from the sensation of the administrator’s mouth on her dick head and ran her hands through the black curly hair. She mounded it on top of the administrator’s head and began to shove the head down onto her dick. The Bitch’s throat resisted. It was too tight. In order to get more power, she stood up and began to use her thighs to fuck her dick into the throat of the administrator. She fucked it relentlessly, the strokes going deeper and deeper into the wet mouth and even wetter and tighter throat. She pounded continually into the throat until the nose of the administrator was pressed against her wispy blonde pubes. She then glanced down at the administrator’s face to see that her face was purple from the lack of oxygen. She sighed and pulled out from the throat. When the last inch of her engorged, lipstick smeared, and saliva drenched member pulled from The Bitch’s throat, The Bitch began to cough and choke. Saliva and mucus from her throat began to come up. The nurse quickly picked up the formerly domineering, but now tame hospital administrator and placed her on her back on the conference table. Now, the mucus and saliva poured from her throat and down across her face, forming a sheen across her face and smearing the makeup. Tears began to pour from her eyes and The Bitch’s mascara streamed down to her forehead as her head hung off the table. She blinked to try and clear out the tears and saliva stinging her eyes and blurring her vision. She managed to get a glimpse of the upside down room, the giant dick and the orange sized balls of the nurse. The dick was moving towards her mouth.

Alice plunged back into the throat. The tight throat gripped at her dick, providing more stimulation. She fucked quickly and deeply into the throat until she could feel the head of her dick reaching the aperture of the stomach. She glanced down and saw the jerking body of her future boss turning purple. She couldn’t stop herself this time, but continued to fuck the oxygen-deprived body as the arms and legs flailed, beating at her to try and stop the painful throat-fucking.
The Bitch regretted her decision to put the power in the hands of the nurse. She could hear her heart pounding as it recirculated oxygen-low blood in hopes of somehow feeding the demands of her muscles and brain. She began to flail against the continually pounding body in hopes of finding some respite, some air. She could feel the giant dick all the way down her throat to her stomach. She began to pass out, but then she felt the cum. The dick pulsed again and again as more and more cum boiled into her stomach. Her vision began to swim. She could no longer see anything but the nurse’s large balls pressed against her eyes, but those began to dance even though she knew they were standing still from the nurse’s lack of movement.

Alice had lunged one last time before pausing as her balls pumped giant spurts of cum up through her dick and into The Bitch’s stomach. She strained, the base of her dick pressed against the taut lips of The Bitch, her muscles tightened in the moment of release. Finally, she relaxed and pulled back her dick.
The Bitch hung there, her head slack, as she tried to breathe, but instead, cum flowed from her stomach and into her mouth. She retched. Cum and saliva and mucus poured out of her mouth and all over her face. She flipped herself over and gasped for breath. Again, she retched, and threw up the quart of cum that remained in her stomach onto the floor. She looked up at the nurse and tried to speak. Her face was covered in cum, mucus and saliva. Streaks of mascara ran up and down her face revealing the different vertical orientations of her face. Her lips moved, but her voice was gone. Finally, she rasped, “You’re hired.”

The nurse thanked her and left the conference room to go and find another uniform to replace the one that The Bitch had shredded. She was looking forward to this job already.

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